For me, there is one type of Photography that matters.


I create images that are a) only black and white, and b) blurry.


Due to the growth in popularity of mobile camera devices, anyone can be a Photographer, and as far as I can see, everyone's images all look the same! All pristine, all perfectly captured, all lit up like a Christmas tree. I want to be different, be the buck in the trend, stand out from the crowd.


Black and white images, to me, feel more authentic than colour photos, you identify with them more because they appear just that little more personal, more compact. It's also a shift towards a vintage style that we're losing constantly.


Blurred pictures convey so many more things than your bog-standard selfies in a nightclub toilet - energy, speed, a sense of direction (and sometimes purpose), but also, my more abstract images even ask questions - what's hidden in the haze? what does that person really look like? where are they walking to / from? All forms of Art are meant pose questions and provoke discussion, and if I achieve that, then that's my job done!


Please choose from the options on the left to see my Photography - Portraits or Abstract. Enjoy.

Neil Iwanicki

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